Thursday, May 26, 2011

Go the.... to Sleep Kids!

Crass/Crap sells. See Exhibit A above.

The salacious title paired the risque nature of cursing in a kid themed book, undoubtedly helped this yet to be released title go viral, become a best seller on Amazon and make it as my first post of day.

This book is meant to be a humorous children's book for adults. Fed up with the battlefield that is bedtime, noted satirical historical writer Adam Mansbach decided to bomb back. I sorta get it, this is like literary Zantac for parents but without the jitters. Except it isn't funny so it ended  here.

Exhibit B:

(I made the picture ridiculously big so you could read the poetry above the abandoned kid...who's been banished to sleep on a rock in the middle of a stream??)

Since bad decision making is a daily occurrence, you know some kid is going to sneak this into their backpack, read all of the grown up words to to their friends, and get suspended. I'll have to follow up on this story. You won't have to wait long, as the title is due in a few short weeks. Thanks Adam, you're making these posts practically write themselves!

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