Monday, May 30, 2011

1984 in 2011: Police Can Track Your Car With a GPS, w/o a Warrant

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This is old news but I miss things from time to time. All policemen across our 50 strong may soon have the right to install a GPS device in your car, on your property without a warrant. So far 9 western states..wait for it...starting with California have this rule. It started with the conviction of an California marijuana dealer who was tracked without warrant and lost the 'no warrant' appeal twice. Does this mean all you need is a hunch to get tailed? Or will you follow me simply because my car lays too low in the back? Some cities have rules against the police tailing you for over a certain number of miles so how did something like this come about? If this does happen to any of you trips, remove the tracker and immediately place it in this guy's commercial vehicle. I'm sure he's committed more devious crimes than you.

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