Friday, June 10, 2011

Original Ronald McDonald was Terrifiying

As if clowns weren't scary enough... Eat your heart out Jigsaw, Ronald McDonald did it FIRST! The video below has all the proof you need, his skip hop side jig dance thingy is killing me:

 Actor Willard Scott had hat which was a tray of food, a cup for a nose and an additional food tray on his belt which fabricates 3 burgers at a time. It's like the Zodiac Killer who's dangerously low on Prosac. This totally explains why his image has revamped tenfold, look at what the creators had to work with it. I'm glad they were able to phase most of his creepy subtexts. Otherwise Chuck E. Cheese may have competition for the most violent children's eating establishment.

If you want more OG Ronald, click here. 

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