Monday, June 13, 2011

Lol Best Buy Thinks it Owns the Word Geek

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Best Buy is the new T-Mobile, Bank of America, CitiGroup ie companies whose services are so dreadful they should be free. If T-mobile can try to earmark the color magenta then by golly Best Buy can own the word geek! The whinefest began with a Newegg's ad. It showed a dim witted  Best Buy employee unable to answer a basic comparative question about 2 laptops. Newegg quickly comes to the rescue showing their superiority with their expert reviews and overall I'm better than you awesomeness. The rebuttal? Best Bully sent a cease and desist letter over the commercial claiming Newegg couldn't use the new mantra 'Geek on' because the word geek is theirs. Newegg is lol-ing all over the place with this one, quickly posting the letter in it's entirety on their Facebook page. Do you think Best Buy stepped over the line? (of course you do!) Nerd, I mean-geek drama, I live for this stuff.

The resplendid commercial that started it all:

via the consumerist
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