Sunday, April 17, 2011

National Treasure?

Remember when Nic Cage was in good films? Yeah, I don’t either. Looks like the Charlie Ma-sheen virus is spreading.  After an alleged altercation involving his wife and son Kal-el (yes he named him after Superman),  Nic had a sloshfest of epic proportions in the French Quarter this weekend, spending nearly 10K worth of wine. Since ten grand is far too cheap for an actor of his distinguished caliber, he politely screamed at his server (according to Hollywood Reporter)

“"Now, come on! Give me something more RRRRREAL!"”

Because drunk I’ll star in any movie that has a title actors are so eloquent, Cage asked the guests, "Where's the REAL girls?" He spotted two women dining. To the brunette, he said, "You. You're a contender." To the blonde, he said, "You're not."

 Managers attempt to escort him out of the restaurant but he resisted.  In one last attempt at relevancy, Cage punched his hand through a pane of glass, shouting,

"You LOVE ME!"

Oh Nic. While I'm sure this was one of your more captivating performances, Sheen wants his persona back. Guess it’s time to line up those sequels to the Sorcerer’s Pebble or whatever Disney nonsense you did last.

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