Friday, April 15, 2011

iwould, if I was in High School

Being a nerd I understand why it’s hard to leave your multiple monitored surround sound code from home anime figurine laced haven. Help is here! In efforts to make dating fail proof, Facebook  has approved a rejection free “dating” app called iwould. But here's where is starts to go south.
Users make a list of people that they would…y’know ‘do’. If there is a match between two iwoulders, you are notified and can choose to meet IRL. People that you don’t have a match with aren’t contacted and are none the wiser.
If my Facebook friends saw my new school ‘hot or not app’  there would a cyber haze that would make Van Wilder look tame. Let me get this straight, I already have your contact information but I purchase the app wait for days, possible weeks in hopes that you get iwould so we can-AHH!-email each other?  I could have just asked you out on Fri afternoon, knocked back a few drinks Sat evening and by Sat night I could already be claiming my side of the couch. What are your thoughts, trips? 

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