Thursday, April 28, 2011

"How to Survive a Wild Urban Hipster"

Crusin' through yahoo questions, you tend to see to see a lot of  "what the.." questions and answers where people are trolling so hard you'd swear there were auditioning to be the next  youtube  meme. Here are my top four most awful anything goes Yahoo Q&A's:

How to Survive a Wild Urban Hipster? It's simple my dear, just say it's name:

Do Black people run faster because of their extra ankle bone? Wait huh? Is that a result of steroids, Xyience or evolution? Yahoo's answer after the trip.

Do Ugandan's lay eggs? Hmm, maybe I was onto something with the evolution bit:

Why do people at work call me a chode? It's because they're getting yuppie old, they refuse to use current terminology to say 'I hate you' so they go all 90's Saved by the Bell retro on you instead. To them it's cooler that way, their little inside joke to the kid at work who they deem beneath yet are still feel inferior too. That answer's fake, he's one of your co-workers:

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