Thursday, April 21, 2011

CEO of Farmville Has a Determined Stalker

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Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, responsible for Facebook's 'beloved' Farmville, has been stalked silly by former Russian stripper,Vera Svenchina.  And-you guessed-she's missing a few eggs from her basket. She's run the gamut of stalkerism: in person and online confrontations, accusing Pincus of stealing her idea for the game,  even claiming the CEO  murdered her father. I understand that she is frustrated but Vera should turn her ire towards the game and take it down once and for all! Can't she develop a virtual superbug (better yet make it a worm) that disables everyone's farm from growing? Call it -20 degree Thundersnow so the loud rumblings scare away the animals while simultaneously killing all crops. That would halt business, make him terrified of you, and cause me and the 6.3 million members of ' the I don't care about your farm, cow, sheep etc.'  Facebook group to UNDULATE with joy. It's all about the turn arounds folks.

You can read one of Vera's reverse love notes below.Click on the crazy to enlarge it!

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