Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OMG That Sucks! Cap'n Crunch

It looks like we may be saying goodbye to our breakfast friend.  We remember them with crunch berries and not, but either way we were tearing up the roof of our mouths with every delicious crunch.

Cap'n Crunch was once the No. 1 breakfast cereal, but pressure from the White House and health activists is having an effect on how PepsiCo and other food companies peddle their products to kids. Sales of the cereal were down 6.8 percent in 2010.
Last year, PepsiCo vowed to reduce added sugar per serving by 25 percent and saturated fat by 15 percent in its products over the next 10 years.
"PepsiCo is no longer marketing Cap'n Crunch cereal directly to children. In a sense, you could say that they have retired Cap'n Crunch, and that's a good thing," Jennifer Harris, of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University, told DailyFinance. "Unfortunately, children continue to view hundreds of ads per year for high-sugar cereals from General Mills, Kellogg's and Post Foods."
Cap'n Crunch, you will be sorely missed.  We will probably go pick up a few boxes for old time sake.

via [Life Inc.]
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