Friday, March 11, 2011

OMG That Sucks! But So Beautiful

It's like unicorns and Care Bears got into a head-on collision. 
A tractor-trailer hauling industrial printer cartridges rolled over this morning on the ramp from Route 128 North to Interstate 95 North in Peabody near Boston, spewing ink across the roadway.
No other vehicles were involved and the driver was not injured in the crash, which occurred about 6:10 a.m.
The ink reached two storm drains, but it is not considered a hazardous material. An environmental cleanup company has been summoned to the scene and a "careful cleanup" will be conducted under the supervision of state environmental officials, State Police spokesman David Procopio said in a statement.
 What a beautiful mess, but they should clean up as much as they can off the side of the road but leave the actual spot multi-colored.  You know, in remembrance.  Pour out a little ink for the homies.


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