Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Feature OMG Dating

I'm going to try a weekly feature, OMG Dating where we display horrible and funny dating ads.

First up Austin "Psycho"

I am the "weird" or "strange" type of person. I keep mostly to myself but open up to those who present themselves "intent-fully."
ladies, Psycho Austin is looking for someone that is: Gentle, Listener, Artist, Nerd, Gamer, Serious, Reserved, Smart, Common Sense, Techie, Socially Awkward, Quiet, Wild, trustworthy, Independent, Musician, Performer, Goth, Freespirited, Responsible, Nighthawk, Music lover

So if you're the Nerdy, Socially Awkward, gamer musician, give him a call.  Give up that soul.

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