Friday, June 17, 2011

You are Not my Friend: 6 Million Strong

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Hey trips! Sorry about the lack of post's lately. It's been a busy week for me, so much so that I swear I did Wednesday twice. I'm going to get back on the ball or something like that. For your weekend viewing pleasure:

The Zuckerberg has been defriended a record 6 million times this month by US facebookers, and 2 million in Canada. That's not looking  good for the best spyware tool ever made. The facebook monster is almost 700 million worldwide but skeptics, like myself of course, believe it's time for the next best thing. Tag anyone? No really, check out it's a game changer.

The book is a place where I post pictures and stories, spy on people I don't care about, spy on people I do care about, and receive birthday reminders. If it disappeared tomorrow I'd notice but I wouldn't care in the next 24. I would miss reading seemingly innocuous comments turn into knock down drag out wars between 'friends'. Much like blackplanet, the book has become a unbridled battlefront for broken marriages, job losses, popularity contests, a cesspool of drama...much like real life but in the virtual kingdom for all to peruse. I get sick of my own problems within the tiny social realm I maintain- so I keep it in my real life. Most of my 'darkly dreaming' inner status updates are only revealed in a fleeting smirk.  Even if I felt that way, I'd never post how much I hated the world and wanted to go all Donnie Darko on it's ass. Luckily for us, there are whole websites dedicated to the art of social media fail.

Thoughts or comments on the facebook
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