Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yeah No: Pistol Dog Leash

A company named Povodokus is pitching the idea of a dog leash that looks like you are shooting a stream of blood while walking freckles around the block. The cape crusaders of PETA will have a field day, no event, with this one. I give props to the apathetic male model, he looks like he's willing the gun leash to life. Look at the intensity in his face, at least he committed. Concepts hustle to become the next trend setters but this completely misses the mark. The majority of cookie cutter dog owners living in Suburbia Hell can't pull off the friendly American Pyscho with a pistol dog leash. And if even they could, why would you want too? I love my pets. Owning this leash makes it look like I'm a step away from dissecting their limbs and tossing them in my Slap Chop.

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