Monday, June 27, 2011

Bagelheads. Or Donuthead if Bagel's Aren't Your Thing

In efforts to over the top everyone, Japanese street culture is embracing what I'm calling bageling. It's an activity for sport, not a permanent mod. You want to see how it's done?

1.Use a saline bag, tube and needle, similar to one that you'd see in a hospital IV drip. 
2.Place the needle  under the skin ( not in a vein) so the o-shaped ring with puff up underneath and not burst your blood vessels like a Ren and Stimpy episode.
Your head gets really full, like you're experiencing a migraine or sinus pressure. Ooh, same miserable allergy symptoms without the allergen. This sounds great!
3. Once you've reached your desired puffiness, you can manipulate the circles to your desired level or weirdness. Even though pumping saline under the skin has little risk, some people have permanently stretched their epidermis by bageling on the regular. I'm taking the risk of being culturally insensitive: this is bizzaro.  You can give yourself a five-head, put it in your neck and give yourself gills or below the waist and you'd need a ball bra. I'll just be a spectator folks...

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