Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Youtube Movies: Keeps Loading..and Loading...

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Youtube soon (ha) plans to launch a movie on demand service charging a smallish fee to stream movies. This is in attempt to compete with Itunes and Amazon's reward's driven Video on Demand service.
You can already rent movies in some genres in 1080p for around $3. I don't  understand why the world's largest  free streaming platform wants to become the next Amazon VOD since they still haven't conquered the whole streaming bit.

Member's of Youtube's affiliate partner program average 100K a year so I think that's a sign that their revenue status is pimp tight. Youtube's current videos, long or short, buffer forever- why do I want to pay them to watch a 90 minute flick when I'll have to wait 20 minutes for it to start ? It's like going to the movies  but staring at a blank screen instead of  previews. Previews suck but at least you have Michael Bay and attractive actresses. Before you chip in, it's not my cache, I don't need to clear my temporary files, my internet connection speed is plenty fast, it's Youtube. If they can somehow pull this off, I'll let every 'not available in your country message' I've seen in the past month slide.

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