Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They did it again: Fox Cancels The Human Target, Lie to Me, and More

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What, is Fox trying to become the new abc? I take that back, both stations have a long history of canceling action based or intellectual shows. Me and my 3 computer screens enjoyed watching how the science (if you wish to call it that) behind' Lie to Me'. I wasn't into it for any of the corny relationship fodder which it ultimatley feel victim. I never saw the Human Target, though the lead was the John Scott character from 'Fringe' who betrayed his team and was later killed by his would be fiance. A few episodes later they cut open his brain and adhered some alien like technology to read his recent memories. But I'm guessing that even Fringe had more viewers which is why they're renewed and H.T. is not. I did appreciate Human Target's  constant dedication to 80's esque B-rated action sequence commercials.

Rounding out the list are 3 other shows I never bothered to watch including, Chicago Code, Traffic Light, and Breaking In.
Were any of these shows a favorite of yours? Are you disappointed in Fox's show slayings?

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