Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Extreme Sport of Laying Down:Planking

The new overseas craze is to plank. Not the bad ass 5 minute warrior planks you do in hot yoga (what, I'm a Renaissance man) but simply laying down on any 'creative space' you find and taking a picture or video of it. These noobs never cease to impress! Behold:

It's really popular in Australia which seems odd to me since they can practically hunt dinosaurs in the outback, they shouldn't have such an extreme lack of hobbies. This seems more fitting for a rural town where cow tipping and cruising the Walmart Supercenter has lost it's pizzazz. Sadly, a young man recently died performing a plank off of a 7 story balcony. If you're going to engage in this stupid craze, please suck responsibility.

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