Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crab Apple: Battle Samsung

If you type “Apple sues” into the Google search bar the following companies names appear:HTC, Microsoft, Amazon app store, Motorola, Android, Geohot, and various customers. Now add Samsung to this list. Apple claims that Samsung out rightly copied their phone and tablet design.
Five years ago, LG claimed Apple stole their touchscreen phone design from their LG Prada. You can compare those phones here. Apple, as much as you'd love to think otherwise, you did not invent the touchscreen, you did not invent the tablet.

With that in mind, it makes this latest lawsuit look…petty.
If it goes to trial, this will make things a bit awkward for business since Samsung produces Apple’s A4 chips. It’s well known that Apple has a slew of business enemies and unless this is resolved quickly, Samsung will undoubtedly join the cavalry.

What do you think trips? Did Samsung drop ball on their innovation or are they just making their own touchscreen phone like every company from HTC to Playdoh? 

image via Geek.com
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