Monday, July 5, 2010

OMG That Sucks! for Former NBA Star Ray Williams

Ray Williams, who played in the NBA for a stellar 10-year career, is now homeless 23 years later. According to the Boston Globe, Williams doesn’t use drugs or drink or gamble. He’s just had abysmal luck job-wise and financially and now it’s all gone. He lives in a car that doesn’t run and undoubtedly eats in soup kitchens. What the heck? 

Williams reportedly made over $2 million while playing in the NBA from the years 1977 to 1987 and apparently he just could not hang onto the money. He has also gotten about $12,000 in money from the NBA Legends Foundation, which he used to purchase a condo to live in, under a lease-to-own contract that through no fault of his own, was not honored by the widow of the man he made the contract with.
Apparently he hasn’t been able to find steady work that he’s good at, and in short; there’s no one reason why he’s homeless. It’s a whole bunch of reasons: bad luck, bad money management, bad choices and bad people in his life that either took advantage of him or did not help him to be responsible for himself.
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