Friday, July 16, 2010

OMG That sucks for Apple

These guys just can't get a break. Although they don't really deserve
it. From "There is nothing wrong with the phone" to "Don't hold it
that way" and so on. They are really showing their true colors through
this whole ordeal. There was no good way out, so I'm glad today's
conference had some type of resolution. Free bumper cases, but "there
is still nothing wrong with the phone" give me a break. Now they are
showing "oh every phone does that". I call B.S. Many times over, I
deathgripped the hell out of my BlackBerry Curve, and I went from 3
bars to 4. So much for that. I just can't believe how this phone that
doesn't work as a phone is still selling?
They have found a way to admit defeat without admitting defeat.

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