Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OMG iPhone 4

What can I say. The magical, mystical, most wonderful iPhone 4 can be a success and a flop at the same time. Apple has a history of botched launches, but the most recent iPhone 4 has to be the worst ever.

WiFi broken during the keynote address
Screens with manufacturing defects
Reversed volume buttons
Proximity sensor issues
Antenna problems

Apple can make an app driven device, but they sure as can't make a phone. Sure, devices like the HTC EVO 4G had some issues with screen separation, and the G1 also had a reception issue when it came out. I understand that Apple is under a microscope and are quickly becoming our favorite company to hate, but if any other phone came out with this many launch issues, it would be deemed a flop and probably stoned. Since this is an Apple product, they almost seem to get some kind of pass and their screw-ups become collectors items among the fans. Now there are talks of a Verizon iPhone. It would be nice to see the iPhone on some different networks but do really want the heat?

What do you think, was it worth the long lines just so you can get a phone you have to hold like you're scared of it to make calls?
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